Scented Candles For an At-Home Spa Atmosphere

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After almost nine months in quarantine, you’d probably do anything to book a spa appointment. When you try to do an at-home facial or take a bath, something always feels off. It’s not as relaxing and not nearly as luxurious, right? 

If this sounds like your experience, your at-home spa routine is probably missing a few things. And while we can’t bring you to the spa, we can bring the spa to you with the help of our luxurious scented candles! Once you figure out the trick to creating the most relaxing at-home spa, your home becomes your sanctuary.

The Ambiance

As soon as you step foot into a spa, you instantly feel more relaxed than you did on the car ride over there. It’s no coincidence; it’s the ambiance! It might feel silly going the extra mile in your own bathroom and doing all of this just for yourself, but trust us, it’s worth it.

Turn on your favorite music, dim the lights, tidy up your space, and run a warm bath. Even if bathing isn’t typically your thing, give it a try because bathing has incredible wellness benefits, and there’s no better time than now to start de-stressing your body.

Rebel scented candle

Luxurious & Clean Candles

We always stress the importance of burning clean wax candles, especially in small, enclosed spaces like the bathroom. The whole point of relaxation is to take better care of your health, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s why we use a blend of apricot and coconut wax for all of our candles. 

No soot, no toxic chemicals, just pure and luxurious scented candles to add to your therapeutic atmosphere!

Choosing the Right Fragrance

Before bringing candles into your space, first, determine what you want to feel when you’re in your most relaxed state. We’ll warn you now that our candles are so powerful that it truly feels like you’ve been transported to another place!

If you’re dreaming of taking nature walks and stopping to smell the fresh roses, we guarantee you that burning MUSE in Wyoming will take you there. But if you feel more relaxed breathing in notes of fresh fruit or vanilla, then you’ll need different candles!

Muse candle

Warm Vanilla Scents

For the perfect blend of vanilla and toasty firewood, DREAMER in London is the candle for you. And if you really love warm scents, choose HERO in Niani that smells like sweet tonka beans and creamy vanilla.

Hero scented candle by Nomad Noé

Fresh Scents

For an instant mood booster, burn REBEL in Bahia to lift your spirits with the scent of fresh orange slices! If you need a quick dose of sunshine, PIONEER in Tasmania will remind you of walks on the beach with the sweet scent of coconut and sea salt. 

Rebel Scented Candle by Nomad Noé

Floral Scents

POET in Hangzhou is your candle if there’s nothing more dreamy to you than sweet jasmine and gardenias. And like we said earlier, burn MUSE in Wyoming for the most natural notes of rose and cedar.

Poet scented candle by Nomad Noé

Spicy Scents

Last but not least, go with VISIONARY in Esfahan if you love the blend of sweet and spicy notes. The combination of saffron and sweet rose is pure magic for your soul, making it the perfect company for a rejuvenating at-home spa night.


Visionary Scented Candle by Nomad Noé


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