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Do Scents Really Improve Your Mood?

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We all know that candles bring a warm ambiance to a dinner party, the living room, or even alongside the bathtub. There’s something about a candle burning in the background that creates a nostalgic feeling. The question is, do scents actually improve your mood? And if they do, how is that so? 

Dreamer candle by Nomad Noé

Scents and Our Memories

It’s no coincidence that as we get older, we suddenly find ourselves spending more money on candles and less money on clothes. As you go through life, your brain begins associating specific periods and moments with scents, otherwise known as associative learning.

If you’ve ever walked the streets of a city and gotten a whiff of an old perfume you used to wear, it almost stops you in your tracks and brings you back in time. Perhaps you walk into a local bakery, and the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls triggers a memory of your childhood home. 

In technical terms, the olfactory bulb, the part of our brain that’s responsible for receiving information about scents, is connected to other areas that play a role in storing memories and emotions. The wiring of our brain explains why candles can evoke familiar emotions from another time of our lives, leading us to label certain smells as “nostalgic,” even if it’s our first time taking a whiff.

Candle and Cat by Nomad Noé

Scents and Our Mood

Now that it’s clear why scents can make us feel nostalgic, there’s still speculation on if scents can actually change our mood or not. It’s common for hotels to choose a welcoming and fresh scent, spas to have a therapeutic smell, and for work offices to make scent choices that encourage productivity.

Whatever the motives are, research has found that scents and fragrances do impact our psychological conditions! In fact, more than enough research concludes that natural scents, in particular, promote feelings of calmness and happiness. 

Some people like to say, “nature is healing,” and although they might mean physically stepping out in nature, we’re here to say that keeping natural scents around the house will do the trick. If the outdoors isn’t your cup of tea, you can still get your daily boost of serotonin without even stepping outside. 

Likewise, the act of creating a simple daily habit can be a mood-booster in itself. Whenever you need something to brighten your day, grab your lighter, light the flame, and breathe in the refreshing and grounding notes of Nomad Noé candles.

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