7 Gift Ideas For Each Person On Your List

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7 Gift Ideas For Each Person On Your List

Shopping for the perfect gift for every person in your life is undoubtedly the most stressful part of the holidays! At Nomad Noé, we take the work off of your hands and make it simple. Our candles are elegant, luxurious, and most importantly, they’re 100% clean from fragrance to wax! To save you time and energy this holiday season, we built a guide to finding the right candle that each person on your list will love.

Rebel in Bahia For Mom

Spending time with our mothers becomes rarer and rarer with each passing year. Give her a scent that describes all of the feelings you get when you see her: happiness, peace, and clarity. Rebel in Bahia smells like a refreshing blend of tangerine and fresh bergamot, making it the perfect scent to get you out of bed in the morning.

In fact, the scent of citrus fruit can actually boost your serotonin, otherwise known as the happiness hormone! Gifting Rebel to your mom not only offers her a beautiful candle, but it’s symbolic of the joy that she brings to you every day.  

Rebel candle by Nomad Noé

Dreamer in London For Dad

All dads are different, but if there’s one universal way that they like to relax, it’s with their feet kicked up and sprawled out on the couch. Dreamer in London is the perfect companion for those chill quarantined nights by the fireplace, reading a book, or watching a good movie. Dads love Dreamer in London because it’s the perfect balance between sweet, creamy vanilla and toasty firewood!

Dreamer candle by Nomad Noe

Hero in Niani For Your Sister

Gift your sister something as special as she is, like Hero in Niani, a candle that’s sweet in scent yet symbolic of strength. The unique notes of tonka beans, creamy vanilla, and patchouli give this candle the power to awaken us from within every time you light the wick. The subtle hint of amber warms the soul and has this magical way of motivating us to be better than yesterday.

Hero Scented Candle by Nomad Noe

Muse in Wyoming For Your Brother

If your brother loves an outdoor adventure, he just might fall in love with Muse in Wyoming. This candle smells like wild rose bushes and fresh cedar to perfectly mimic the natural scent of the outdoors! The perfect balance between woody and floral.

Muse candle by Nomad Noé

Poet in Hangzhou For Your Spouse

Poet in Hangzhou is our most romantic scent because it’s made of sweet notes of jasmine, gardenia, and tuberose. This floral blend is a heartfelt gift and designed for the one you love so passionately. Every time your significant other burns Poet in Hangzhou, it’ll remind them of you and instantly soothe their soul.

Poet scented candle by Nomad Noe

Pioneer in Tasmania For Your Friend

Since our friendships are our greatest support systems, gift your friends Pioneer in Tasmania, a candle that’s made to inspire and uplift. This candle smells exactly as it would on a crisp morning walk along the beach, like sea salt and coconut. Pioneer’s fresh notes cleanse the mind and spirit, making it the perfect gift for any friend who needs to recharge after the holidays!

Pioneer scented candle by Nomad Noe

Visionary in Esfahan For You

Who says you can’t buy a gift for yourself this year? Visionary in Esfahan is one of our favorite mood-boosting scents, with uplifting notes of sweet saffron and rosewater. Burning Visionary in Esfahan is just what you need to welcome in the new year and release everything from the past. The magical blend of subtle spices smells like home, and there’s no better scent than the one that’s familiar. 

Visionary Scented Candle by Nomad Noé

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