Facts About Citrus Bergamot

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Your Guide to the Citrus Bergamot Fragrance

For lovers of fragrance, citrus bergamot is a familiar scent. Most people have seen candles, aromatherapy essential oils and perfumes labeled with notes of bergamot. Like most citrus scents, bergamot is often associated with sunshine. It is refreshing and sweet, with herbal and floral undertones. This lovely scent offers many pleasures and benefits.

Bergamot fruit

What Is Citrus Bergamot?

Bergamot is a citrus fruit commonly found in the Mediterranean. The fruit itself is green, similar to a lime, but it can also be yellow depending on how ripe it is. Bergamot tends to be about the same size as an orange but does not have the sweetness often associated with oranges and other citrus fruits, tending to be sour. For some, bergamot may smell similar to lime, but it tends to be a more complex aroma. The fruits are most commonly used for their aromatic scent and the essential oils extracted from the rind.

The flesh of the fruit tastes how it smells: acidic, spicy and tart. Studies show that consuming bergamot may reduce bad LDL cholesterol while raising good cholesterol. In Europe, bergamot is widely used in cookies, cocktails, marmalades, syrups and custards. You may also see it used in pesto or mayonnaise for condiments.

5 Facts About Citrus Bergamot

Loving the smell of bergamot may be enough to include it in your home, but there are also some interesting facts you may not know.

1. Bergamot Is Used in Earl Grey Tea

If you have ever had Earl Grey tea, you can thank bergamot for its distinct flavor. No one is sure how the fruit became associated with tea, but there are some theories. One is that bergamot became included by accident. Some believe that Chinese diplomats shipped bergamot oranges with containers of tea to Earl Grey, a Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1830 to 1834. The tea absorbed the fruit's essence and the flavor became well-loved.

Other accounts say a Mandarin Chinese acquaintance blended bergamot with the tea to hide the mineral taste in the water at the Grey estate. One London tea house claims Earl Grey requested the tea in the 1830s. While the source may be unknown, citrus bergamot is part of the flavor of Earl Grey tea.

2. Bergamot Is Antibacterial

Bergamot is a lot like other essential oils. It has antibacterial properties that can protect against the bacteria Enterococcus faecailis and Enterococcus faecium. Both bacteria are resistant to antibiotics and can cause urinary tract infections.

Studies also show that bergamot can protect against Escherichia coli and Salmonella enterica. It may be the most effective essential oil for its antibacterial properties.

3. Bergamot Can Boost Your Mood

Essential oils and aromatherapy are often used to treat depression and anxiety. The fragrance can ease your worries and stress, reducing levels of corticosterone. Corticosterone is often called the anxiety hormone. The scent may also lower your blood pressure, which can ease your anxiety and help you feel more at ease.

For women at risk of postpartum depression, older adults and people with terminal cancer, bergamot may be able to fight against the onset of depression. Patients with schizophrenia may also benefit from citrus bergamot. Patients who underwent cognitive tests showed more focus and clarity when exposed to bergamot.

4. Bergamot Can Improve Focus and Clarity

For people who work from home, the ability to sit down and stay focused on one task can feel overwhelming and difficult. Nowadays, there are many distractions. Social media and television can sap a person's attention when they need to concentrate.

Citrus oils are known to be refreshing and energizing. A study in Japan showed that people who used citrus essential oils tended to make fewer errors while typing. Some people use citrus scents only while working so that they can not only associate the fragrance with it being time to work but also can benefit from the aromatherapy qualities.

When working, it is essential that you can remain calm and experience less stress. The lower your stress levels, the less likely you are to experience burnout. Lighting a bergamot-scented candle could ease anxiety and stress and make working a more positive experience that you look forward to every day.

5. Bergamot Repels Pests

Pests do not like bergamot. The essential oil can help defend your kids against head lice and other pests. When you have outdoor events or get-togethers, consider lighting a few bergamot candles. The fragrance may be effective at repelling mosquitos.

Citrus Bergamot Fruit open

Benefits of a Citrus Bergamot Candle

Burning candles provide various health and mental benefits. It creates a calming ambiance that can help you remain focused. Candles can be introduced to your daily routine by lighting them during meditation, leisure time or work hours.

Creates a Stable Routine

Bergamot is not the only scent that you can use to establish a stable routine. Still, if you love the fresh, citrus aroma and are looking for a fragrance that can boost your productivity and relax your mind, bergamot is an excellent scent to introduce to your daily life. You can automatically learn to associate specific daily activities with a particular fragrance.

For instance, burning a bergamot candle during work may boost your productivity and increase your interest in working whenever you smell the fragrance. Using a candle like this can help establish routines for those who struggle with forming good habits.

Rebel candle with notes of citrus bergamot

Removes Odors From the Home

Life causes odors to happen. Pet owners know how quickly a home's scent can take on the odors of the animals. To remove organic smells from your house effectively, you need a disinfectant. The antibacterial properties of bergamot make it effective at clearing odors from your home. In addition, bergamot scents are fresh and clean, making your home appealing and comfortable.

Refresh Your Home With Citrus Bergamot

If you love aromatherapy and candles, citrus bergamot is a fragrance to consider bringing into your home. It has been used in aromatherapy and cooking and as a topical agent throughout history. To enhance your home, visit us at Nomad Noé to check out our supply of fragrant luxury candles.

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