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7 Health Benefits of Burning Candles in Your Home

Burning candles in your home can do wonders for your mental and emotional health. For example, candles create ambiance, calm your mind, promote a good night's sleep, and more. Read on to find out more about the benefits.

Dreamer in London scented candle

The Benefits of Burning Candles at Home

1. Creates Ambiance

Ambiance relates to the character and atmosphere of a place. Many people burn candles for a relaxing or romantic ambiance. Candles are one way to set an instant atmosphere, whether you are taking a bath, meditating, cooking, or hosting a party.

2. Calms Your Mind

Candles calm the mind through ambiance and scents. They are evocative of a slower or more relaxing pace of life. Essential oils and scents such as lavender, jasmine, sandalwood, peppermint, and geranium assist in sleep, relaxation, and lower anxiety. Even coffee-scented candles can whisk you right to a coffee shop from the comfort of your home and calm your nerves without the caffeine boost that eventually jangles your nerves. You can use burning candles to soothe your mind after a long, stressful day at work or as part of an ongoing routine.

Scent and mood are well connected. Odors interact with your limbic brain and interplay with memory, emotions, and thoughts. Some scent molecules are even small enough to connect with your nervous system. These scents can lower your heart rate and blood pressure and positively affect your brain activity.

3. Improves Sleep Quality

Many people turn to burning candles as a way to avoid the lights and screen time that keep them tossing and turning for hours. The better mental health associated with candles leads to enhanced sleep quality, too.

Rebel in Bahia scented candle

4. Boosts Energy

More energy is a common effect of better sleep and mood. Some candle scents can directly make you more energetic. For example, candles labeled "wild" or "rebel" may boost your energy and confidence.

5. Creates a Consistent Routine

You can incorporate candles into your life to create routines and stability. Say you want to try doing yoga, eating at the table, or going screen-free for an hour at least once a week. Including a candle in your plans makes them more appealing so that you'll look forward to these plans even more. Your hopes are more likely to translate into an actual habit or routine.

6. Stimulates Memory

Burning candles leads to a soothing effect on the brain's limbic system. Your body is more likely to produce dopamine and serotonin when candles are burning. These hormones help with mood regulation and promote scent, emotion, and memory.

7. Improves Work Productivity

If you work from home as many people do, candles offer the opportunity for novelty you might not otherwise get. You can experience different scents every day or week that transport you outside of the home.

Burning Candles and Your Emotional Journey

Many people use burning candles as a way to achieve their dreams. The candles boost their mood, enhance their productivity, and give them a good night’s sleep. Check out Nomad Noé’s selection of candles, including Dreamer in London, Poet in Hangzhou, Wild in Hollywood, and Rebel in Bahia.

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