Synthetic vs. Natural Fragrance: Is One Safer?

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Natural Fragrance vs. Synthetic: What's the Difference?

Your sense of smell is an important part of your body. Smelling helps determine tastes, warns you of a hazardous situation (such as a gas leak, foul-smelling odor or fire), and is believed to be linked to essential parts of your brain that help process emotions and feelings. For example, a partner's cologne may trigger a certain emotional response or memory. The same could be said about you. Many people may link you to a certain smell, so it is important to be wise when choosing a fragrance to wear. There are two different types of fragrances: synthetic and natural fragrance. But is one better than the other?

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What's the Difference Between Synthetic and Natural Fragrance?

It used to be said that natural fragrances were safer than synthetic ones because natural aromas were not chemically altered. However, science has come such a long way that synthetic fragrances are now considered to be just as safe. Consider the main differences between the two fragrance types.

Natural Fragrances 

Natural fragrances are extracted from nature, such as wood, blossoms, spices, and citrus fruits, without altering their chemical structure. There are no synthetic compounds found in natural scents. Most nature-made fragrances are extracted by distillation or cold press processes from raw materials.

Natural aromas have beautiful, clean scents that are popular in aromatherapy. However, they typically do not last as long as man-made fragrances and have a shelf life of 1 to 2 years. Choosing a natural-based fragrance is a good choice, but you may be able to find even more options with a synthetic.

Synthetic Fragrances

A synthetic fragrance is created in a laboratory to mimic a specific natural fragrance. Although synthetic aromas are not naturally extracted, they sometimes contain a mixture of natural compounds. Because synthetic fragrances are man-made, they are not harmful to the environment and can be replicated on a larger scale with greater control over the scents' results.

Man-made fragrances typically last twice as long as natural fragrances, with a shelf life of approximately 5 years, due to added fixatives. They also release the scent at a slower rate than natural ones. This is why synthetic scents smell denser and more concentrated than natural ones.

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Is Synthetic Fragrance Safe?

Scientifically, synthetic fragrances have come a long way and are a safe alternative to natural fragrances. In fact, synthetic scents are safer for people who experience allergenic triggers to natural aromas because synthetic scents typically have more hypoallergenic ingredients. When synthesized correctly, synthetic scents can be very safe, non-toxic and clean.

Why Should You Use Nomad Noé Natural Fragrance Candles?

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A scent can have a long-lasting impression and may have a big impact on how people remember you. What perfume you wear, what your house smells like, and the smell of your clothes after they are laundered all create an emotional reaction. At Nomad Noé, we have created an entire collection of story-infused candles with the hopes of providing a pleasant aromatic experience for everyone. With the combination of synthetic and natural fragrance, our collection is proven to be of the highest quality. Choose which clean fragrance best suits you by visiting our storytelling candle collection today. 


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