Where To Buy Candles in NYC

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Where To Buy Candles in NYC

Candles can transform the look and feel of a space with the strike of a match. When you live in New York City, stores around every corner have candles on display, but finding quality products in the sea of possibilities is a learned skill. Consider this brief guide to help you search for candles in NYC that add something special to your life and atmosphere.

The Conservatory Nomad Noé

Where To Purchase Candles in NYC

If you want high-quality candles created with thoughtful designs and scent combinations, consider these four shops:

  1. Nomad Noé sells candles with a story behind every scent. The DREAMER in London, for example, smells like firewood, vanilla, and tobacco, reminiscent of a library filled with English history. You can purchase online or in stores all over NYC.
  2. The Conservatory has a curated candle collection of brands they believe in. Check out Brian's Picks in the Almanac for candle choices.
  3. Clic carries carefully chosen home decor, including candles, in their Soho, Tribeca, Upper East Side, and Brooklyn locations.
  4. CB2 is a contemporary home decor store with quality candles from brands that value top ingredients and reusable packaging.

These stores carefully choose inventory to provide customers with the best candles on the market.

How To Find Quality Candles in NYC

A common misconception is that you only need to smell a candle to know if it is the candle you want. With that approach, you could spend too much money on a candle that burns quickly and leaves you with an empty jar you cannot reuse. When you know what to look for in a candle, you will find something longer-lasting.

Look for Top-Tier Ingredients

The materials used to create a candle affect every aspect of its quality. Before purchasing candles from a candle-making company, consider the ingredients they use. For example, coconut, vegetable, and soy wax are all excellent choices. Many companies use a blend of different waxes with paraffin, which is still a great ingredient as long as the paraffin wax is top-quality.

Require High-Grade Fragrance and Color Additives

Check the fragrance source. Good candles use quality oils to create memorable scents. Also, be mindful of methods used to add color to candles. Dyes are not present in all candles, but makers can use anything from vibrant candle liquid dyes to broken crayons.

Natural, vegan materials are often the best option. Shopping in stores that specialize in home decor curated to create an experience betters your chances of finding top-tier candles from a business owner who cares about selling products you will love.

Start Your Collection of Candles in NYC

Looking for high-quality candles you can enjoy as long as possible is an adventure, not a chore. Find brands that offer transparency in shops that welcome and appreciate you. A candle is just as much about ambiance and appearance as it is about an alluring scent, and no particular personal preference is better than another.

For more candles in NYC that tell a story and create an atmosphere in your home or office, visit the shop at Nomad Noé to view the entire collection.

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