What Does Neroli Smell Like?

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What Does Neroli Smell Like?

Research shows that different aromas can impact mood in a variety of positive ways. Some scents can even increase productivity and focus by boosting alertness and information recall. These benefits make certain scents invaluable for increasing productivity at work or at home. Neroli is one scent that is known to have a positive impact on mood. If you’re wondering, “What does neroli smell like?” here’s what you should know about this lesser-known aroma that has a powerful way of making people feel better.

Neroli blossoms

What Does Neroli Smell Like?

The scent of neroli is most often described as a somewhat sweet, floral aroma with citrus notes. It is highly valued for its ability to blend very easily with floral absolutes and a variety of citrus oils. Neroli is often used as a base for different scented products and perfumes because it’s so pleasant, airy and easy to combine with complementary fragrances.

Rebel in Bahia scented candle with Neroli

What Is Neroli?

Neroli is an essential oil. It’s extracted through steam distillation from bitter orange tree blossoms. It’s one of the more popular floral oils used in scented products of all types, including candles. Neroli has a soothing effect on the mood, which is one reason it’s commonly used in aromatherapy.

What does neroli smell like? The answer is, “Amazing!” Burning a neroli candle can help you feel simultaneously relaxed and rejuvenated. Some evidence even suggests that this gentle aroma can be beneficial for common problems such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Neroli may help alleviate these conditions by reducing stress and enhancing feelings of well-being. It may also reduce cortisol, which is one of the main stress hormones. It is a valuable scent to have around if you want to maintain a positive mood.

Neroli blossoms

Where Should You Use Neroli-Scented Candles?

You can burn neroli-scented candles anywhere. But it’s especially helpful to have this soothing aroma in places where you want to achieve ultimate relaxation. A neroli candle is a great addition to any bathroom, bedroom or family room. It’s also wise to put this scent in the office, kitchen or any other area where you might be prone to feel heightened stress. Neroli candles also make great gifts for friends and family members who could use a little more relaxation in their lives.

Neroli Scented Candle

Discover What Neroli Smells Like for Yourself

Scents are more powerful than most people realize because they can do so much more than make your home or office smell nice. They can also bring back memories and create a sense of nostalgia and peacefulness. If you’re prone to stress and you want to do more to regulate your mood, try purchasing relaxing scented candles featuring the soothing aroma of neroli.

If you’ve wondered what neroli smells like, consider buying a neroli-scented candle. It can be difficult to describe this invigorating aroma with preciseness, so it’s probably better to experience it for yourself. Find lovely candles featuring neroli and other delightful scents at Nomad Noé.

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