10 Reasons To Love Floral Candles

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10 Reasons To Love Floral Candles

The sweet aromas of floral candles can be intoxicatingly appealing and may even reduce stress and promote relaxation. In a minute, they can whisk you down memory lane, reconnect you to your roots, help you achieve yoga goals, or get you to unwind after an exhausting day at work.

Poet scented candle Tuberose Gardenia Jasmine

The Appeal of Floral Candles

Flowers can be valuable for boosting mental health. They add color, scent, and variety to people's lives and reconnect them to nature. Flower-scented candles perform similar functions and can be even more versatile than a bouquet. Exquisite packaging and high-end design also promote the sense that you are spoiling yourself (rightfully so!) Here are the top reasons to love these candles.

1. They Add Life and Color to Spaces

Flowery candles infuse a room with beauty and scents. The addition of a candle can make a room more energetic, airy, or relaxing. These candles work their magic in all types of rooms, including bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms.

Just as importantly, high-quality fragrant candles are long-lasting. A floral candle you purchase today should burn long and bright for weeks.

2. Floral Aromas Promote Mental Health

Floral candles can be excellent for mental health, since certain flowery fragrances may reduce anxiety and improve people’s moods. For example, rose, lavender, jasmine, and other floral scents may encourage relaxation and stress relief. You can use the candles as part of:

  • Relaxing after work
  • Unwinding after a tense appointment
  • Curling up with a book to escape stresses
  • Remembering times long gone by

Fragrances stimulate the parts of the brain that connect to memory and mood. Being around a lit candle for a few minutes can improve your mood and make you smile. Candles allow you to treat and indulge yourself in a way that incorporates many senses for long-lasting effects.

3. They Create Atmosphere and Set a Certain Mood

Floral-scented candles can do the trick when you want a romantic dinner, a relaxing night with friends, a stress-free bath, or a productive interview. Whether the candles’ aromas are subtle, light, airy, or heavier, they can create warm and inviting environments.

Muse scented candle Nomad Noé

4. They Help with Yoga and Meditation

The calming effects of flowery candles make them a great addition to your meditation or yoga sessions. There’s nothing like the soothing aroma of lilies or the invigorating scent of lemongrass to get you to a peaceful internal place. Watching the candles’ flickering flames can also help focus your mind.

5. They Assist with Structure, Routine, and Productivity

Routines are important. They keep people on track and create stability and predictability. Candles with different floral fragrances can help with transitions such as going from cooking dinner to setting the table, or from doing housework to praying.

They can also motivate you to stick to your exercise routine or to work on a book or painting. Think of your candle as a muse. If you know you get to enjoy the lovely scents of wild rose bushes, fresh fields, fertile cedar, and sunshine while you work, you are more likely to light that candle and get going.

Floral candles can promote creativity, well-being, and relaxation. They may enhance your focus so you work smarter, not harder.

6. They Boost Your Sleep Quality

A floral candle can improve your sleep quality in many ways. For example, if you make a point to light your candle at 7 p.m. every day to signal the shift from screen time to bedtime, it creates a sense of expectation.

Consistent sleep routines boost sleep quality, and candles have properties that naturally sync with the steps for better sleep:

  • Experts recommend a darkened room for better sleep, and candles are perfect for dim spaces.
  • Floral candles can help you relax in the bath, and a warm bath primes many people for a good night’s sleep.
  • Candles can be part of a screen-free activity such as meditation or reading before bed that improves your sleep.

7. They Make Great Gifts

Gift-giving can be a tricky business, whether a gift is for your spouse, child, in-law, friend, or colleague. Fragrant candles signify many things at once. They say, “You mean a lot to me. I appreciate you in my life and want you to enjoy these scents as I have.”

You can choose candles that match the recipient's interests. Someone who loves roses would adore anything rose-scented. A person who gets to the ocean whenever possible might enjoy water lilies, jasmine, lilac, or lotus in combination with scents such as cedarwood. Fruity floral notes can evoke the feel of being in France or Italy, which is perfect for travelers.

Rebel in Bahia scented candle

8. Floral Candles Reconnect You With Good Memories

If you used to garden with your grandmother, a floral candle could help you remember these good times. Similarly, the smells of freshly cut grass can reconnect you to your childhood and help you rediscover things about yourself that you perhaps thought you'd forgotten. A candle's fragrance can also bring back memories of a trip you loved, whether it was to the coast of California or the tulips in Holland.

9. They Can Transport You to a Different Time or Place

Fragrant candles can whisk you elsewhere when an extra-hot summer, too-snowy winter, or pollen-laden spring have you down. In the midst of a frigid winter, the scents of gardenia, bamboo, or vanilla take you to more comfortable times.

10. You Can Combine Them With Therapies

A floral candle can be helpful when used with counseling, medication, meditation, and other therapies. The natural scents of flowers allow you to relax and set the stage for a productive session. Depending on the candle's fragrance, you can go for a more intense session or one that is more laid-back.

Discover the Perfect Floral Candles for You

Floral candles, with their fresh, sweet scents and mental and therapeutic benefits, are ideal for people who want to add beauty and variety to their life. Whether you use these candles to set the mood for a romantic meal, focus on a painting, or de-stress after work, they can enhance your life in many ways. Take a few minutes today to browse the selection at Nomad Noé.

Muse and Rebel candles by Nomad Noé

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