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What Does Jasmine Smell Like In Perfumery?

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What Does Jasmine Smell Like In Perfumery?

The enchanting aroma of jasmine has long been a topic of interest for perfume enthusiasts and novices alike. With its sweet, floral, and intoxicating scent, jasmine is an epitome of elegance and charm. But how do we precisely describe the scent of jasmine? Let's delve deeper into its aromatic nuances, history, and presence in the world of perfumery and scented candles.

Jasmine flower perfumer

Origins of Jasmine

  • Historical Roots: Jasmine, scientifically known as 'Jasminum', traces its roots back to South and Southeast Asia. It journeyed across cultures, eventually being welcomed by Egypt, Persia, and then Europe.

  • Cultural Significance: Many cultures view jasmine as a symbol of romance and love. In various traditions, jasmine flowers feature in wedding ceremonies, believed to possess aphrodisiac properties.

Jasmine in Perfumery

  • Olfactive Family: Jasmine finds its place in the Floral olfactive family, more specifically within the white floral sub-category. White florals are lauded for their creamy, opulent, and intense aromas.

  • Scent Profile: At its core, jasmine exudes a rich, potent scent that beautifully marries sweet and narcotic elements. It’s multifaceted with undertones of green, fruity, and occasionally even animalic hints.

Variations of Jasmine

Of the over 200 species of jasmine, only a handful grace the realm of perfumery:

  1. Jasminum Grandiflorum (Royal Jasmine):

    • Origin: Native to South Asia, and is predominantly cultivated in India and Egypt.
    • Scent: Gentle and subtly sweet, underscored by a mild green aroma.
  2. Jasminum Sambac (Arabian Jasmine):

    • Origin: Native to Southeast Asia, with widespread cultivation in India.
    • Scent: Robust and hearty, complemented by hints of fruitiness and a tea-like backdrop.
  3. Jasminum Officinale (Poet's Jasmine):

    • Origin: Native to the Caucasus and Iran.
    • Scent: A harmonious blend of sweet and green facets.

Jasmine in Scented Candles

Tuberose Jasmine POET Scented Candle

  • Ambiance Creation: Jasmine's alluring and sumptuous aroma makes it a favorite in the world of scented candles. It is ideal for forging a calming, romantic, or exotic ambiance.

  • Pairings in Candles: Jasmine frequently pairs with other fragrances in candles, such as rose, tuberose,  ylang-ylang, or sandalwood, crafting a symphony of olfactive notes.


The scent of jasmine is a harmonious blend of sweet, heady, and sometimes green facets. Its unique aroma can transport one to gardens bathed in moonlight or sun-drenched courtyards in faraway lands. Whether you find its presence in perfumes or the warm glow of scented candles, the timeless scent of jasmine remains unmistakably captivating. When asked, "What does jasmine smell like?", the answer is a symphony of elegance, warmth, and timeless beauty.

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