The Most Calming Scents You Should Burn in Your Home

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The Most Calming Scents You Should Burn in Your Home

When it comes to choosing candles, the world of scents can be vast and overwhelming. It helps to identify the purpose you want the candle to serve before you start browsing. Calming scents are a popular category, especially in areas of your home such as the bedroom or bathroom. Fill your oasis with wonderful smells that put you in the mood for relaxation.

Calming Scents in Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a holistic wellness practice that uses scent to treat various maladies. It has been around for a very long time — ever since the time of the ancient Egyptians. Science backs this up; scent can have a measurable effect on your brain.

Depending on the type of scent, aromatherapy can prevent inflammation, improve focus, aid your memory or relieve your stress. That’s because the part of your brain that processes smell is connected to the parts of your brain that process memory and emotions. This is also the reason that a smell can trigger a memory from your past.


The first on the list of calming scents is Sandalwood. This essence is extracted from the bark of a tree of the same name.
The scent of sandalwood is frequently used in meditation practices due to its ability to sedate the nervous system and clear the mind. It can help with insomnia, in addition to treating more physical problems like nerve pain. Some consider Sandalwood to be an aphrodisiac, especially when mixed with other enticing scents such as jasmine.


Everyone recognizes this fragrant, purple flower. Lavender targets your nervous system, which is essential for calming you down. For this reason, it is used to combat anxiety, depression and stress. Lavender also contains the compound linalool, which is linked to lowering your blood pressure.


Rose is one of the classic calming scents and is often found in spas and massage parlors to set the mood and relax clients. It is thought to release endorphins, otherwise known as feel-good hormones, especially when inhaled. It can help ease tension, uplift your mood, decrease symptoms of anxiety and ease pain. It truly is a wonder-scent that can do it all.


Peppermint is an herb whose leaves are processed to make essential oils. It can eliminate stress and ease physical pain, which improves mental function. Rather than making you sleepy, it brings you into a calm and focused state. Peppermint is also great to have around when you are sick since it is effective at fighting viral, bacterial and fungal infections.

Poet scented candle

Fill Your Home With Calming Scents

There are a handful of methods for dispersing wonderful aromas throughout your home, including incense and simmer pots. However, candles are by far the coziest and most convenient. There’s nothing better than a warm flame flickering as you are enveloped by the scent of lavender or rose. Candles are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.
Nomad Noé is a candle company with a vision. They create beautiful, hand-poured candles, using an exclusive blend of vegetable waxes that are clean and free of parabens, phthalates and sulfates. All the calming scents are crafted in Grasse, France, which is the perfume capital of the world. Reach out today to learn more and view their products.

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