Top Luxury Scents for 2023

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Top Luxury Scents for 2023

Heavy spices, earthy tones, sweet florals, crisp cleanliness, and warm woods create the luxury scents designed and delicately balanced to create a comforting atmosphere. Choosing a scent to match your home and evoke the emotions you want to feel in your most personal space requires understanding what these fragrances offer. Whether you plan to entertain guests, relax with family, or focus on work, these top scents in home fragrances are pleasant alone or in combination.

Top Exotic Luxury Scents

What makes a scent exotic? It should be bold, gourmand, and spicy, creating immediate recognition as something special and powerful. Check out these inherently luxurious fragrances.

roses scent


Rose represents beauty, passion, and love. Its unique scent comes from rose oxides, combining fragrances of fruit, mint, and sweetness. If you want an aroma of mystery and romance along with potential benefits such as memory improvement and clear breathing, a quality rose-scented candle will elevate your home.

Musk ambergris


Musk is a unique scent because of its origins. Derived from animals, it has a pleasant, clean fragrance evoking nature and sensuality. Some describe it as seductive and woodsy, but everyone associates it with luxury, not unlike leather. It balances perfectly with sweeter notes.

Patchouli scent


Patchouli is a plant-derived scent sometimes used to treat headaches and stomach issues, but it also combines well with other earthy scents to create a bohemian atmosphere. Nomad Noé created the HERO in Niani candle with patchouli and amber, a fragrance combination designed to promote purposeful awakening and elevation. It smells like toasted tonka beans and celebrates West African culture in the comfort of your home.

Vanilla scent


Vanilla is a familiar, comforting scent favored around the world for home and body fragrances. It can be sweet and subtle or rich and exotic. Centuries ago it was a sought-after offering for Aztec kings. It works well in any area of the home to create an atmosphere of comfort and can become a signature scent when mixed with other sweet, floral, or woody notes.

Top Fresh Luxury Scents

If you prefer a clean, fresh scent, consider these multi-purpose fragrances. In addition to the pleasing smell, they have varying medicinal and soothing effects.

Eucalyptus scent


Eucalyptus is a minty fragrance commonly used in bath and body products for its refreshing scent. The Aboriginals of Australia cherish the eucalyptus tree as a spiritual symbol, and koalas use it as a main dietary source. Its scent is easily identified by a touch of sweetness, promoting relaxation. If crisp, clean, and calm are your vibe, eucalyptus could be the fragrance for you.

Lemon scent


Lemon is a natural scent known to reduce anxiety and depression. Its cleaning properties make it popular in many home cleaning products. Incorporate it in the kitchen to remind you of fresh-squeezed lemonade and luxurious lemon pasta. It has a refreshing aroma that creates an uplifting feeling, perfect for the areas of the home where people gather most.

Peppermint leaves


Peppermint is so readily available, you may overlook it among more unique luxury scents. However, its easily distinguishable smell and versatility are part of what makes it luxurious. Compared to other mint fragrances, peppermint has the highest concentration of the cool menthol scent that makes it so easy to recognize. It also has healing properties, helping to:

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Relieve nausea
  • Relax the muscles
  • Increase cognitive ability, including a boost of alertness and memory strength

Peppermint-scented candles are ideal for at-home workspaces and children's playrooms. Light it in the foyer or by the main entrance to induce an immediate feeling of calm and comfort when you arrive home.

Lavender field blue


Lavender is another calming scent with a clean aroma. The Egyptians first used lavender oil in their perfume thousands of years ago, and the Romans and Greeks, lovers of luxury, appreciated its fragrance and took advantage of its healing properties. The scent is pleasant, a crispy floral known to reduce sleeplessness and even reduce anxiety. It is perfect for the bedroom and bathroom where you can make the most of its relaxing properties.

Top Woody Luxury Scents

Warm woods and potent spices remind you of the luxury found in nature. These fragrances are commonly used in combination with florals to transport sunshine and fresh fields into the home, creating an atmosphere of peace, wealth, and luxury.

sandalwood fragrance oil


No wood is more luxurious than sandalwood. For thousands of years, it had spiritual significance in Indian culture, and today it is one of the most costly types of wood worldwide. Nomad Noé combined it with rosa woodsii to create MUSE in Wyoming, a candle that smells like the wild rose bushes and fresh fields of nature's purest form. Make your home smell expensive with our sandalwood candles made from clean fragrance oils:

  • No parabens
  • No sulfates
  • No phthalates
  • No mineral oils

Candles with hints of sandalwood can go anywhere in the home to elevate an atmosphere of natural elements, such as wood furniture and indoor plants.

Tobacco cigar smoke


Tobacco is a sacred plant with a strong scent reminiscent of Native American history. Its smell can vary significantly. For example, smoked tobacco does not have the same scent as pure tobacco, but both create an atmosphere of academic luxury. Imagine leather-bound books on shelves of mahogany wood with the faint hint of a tobacco pipe burning in the background.

Fir trees forest


The fir scent is a combination of pine and citrus. It is an evergreen tree commonly used as a Christmas tree, decorated with lights and ornaments and filling the room with feelings of warmth and nostalgia. While typically associated with the holidays, fir and eucalyptus pair well together for a year-round scent that can make any home feel like a cabin deep in the forest.

Dreamer Scented Candle

Luxury Scents for Your Home

Luxury is subjective, but in the candle industry, it is about finding scents that make your home feel warm and inviting. For some, that means clean, crisp scents, while others go for woody or spicy aromas. For more luxury scents in candles made with quality materials and a unique vision, check out Nomad Noé's collection of story-infused candles.

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