Are Candles a Good Gift To Give to Someone?

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Are Candles a Good Gift?

Dreamer scented candle gift

Have you ever been searching for a present for someone close to you and asked yourself, "Are candles a good gift?" They are indeed, and you'll find that most people love them for a variety of reasons.

Why Are Candles a Good Gift? 

Here are just four of the many reasons why candles are a great gift for many occasions.

1. Stress Relief 

Some of the fragrances used in scented candles are great for a person's mental health. Relaxing scents such as lavender, vanilla and chamomile can help relieve stress by calming the body and mind.

2. Gender-Neutral 

When you need to find a gender-neutral gift, candles are the perfect present for both men and women. Though candles are often given to women, men also love the ambiance and fragrance of a classy scented candle that smells great.

3. Decorative

Candles come in all colors, shapes and sizes and can be used for decoration. Many luxury candles such as the Pioneer candle from Nomad Noé also come in stylish containers that easily blend in with any decor.

4. Natural Light

Are candles a good gift even if they're unscented? They sure are! As a source of natural light, they can be used during a romantic dinner or as low light for winding down before bed. They're also handy to have around when the power goes out.

Lover scented candle gift

When Are Candles a Good Gift?

If your mind is suddenly filled with candle gift ideas, here are some of the best times to give them.


Candles are a good gift for many celebrations such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. A decorative set may work well for a sibling's birthday, while a romantic candle would be perfect for an anniversary. If you know the recipients well, try to find a scent or fragrance you know they will enjoy.

Mother's Day

You may already know that candles are a good gift for Mother's Day. Whether you choose a spa candle set or one with a pleasant scent for the home, it will be well received and appreciated.


Are candles a good gift to give for a housewarming? Not only are they a great way to make a home more homey, but they're also a stress-free gift that's easy to find. To make it a more personable present, find a scented candle with a fragrance you know the recipient will love.

Just Because 

If you enjoy giving "just because" gifts, a nice scented candle makes a perfect present. Research shows that consumers prefer scented products over unscented ones, so a scented candle from you is sure to make someone's day.

Are Candles a Good Gift To Buy Online?

If you can't seem to find what you're looking for, you may be asking yourself, "Are candles a good gift to buy online?" They are indeed, and you'll even have access to some that aren't available in your local stores. A good place to start is here at Nomad Noé. We have a great selection of candles to choose from, so check out our online store today.

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