The Best Valentine's Day Candles To Add Romance to Your Day

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 The Best Valentine's Day Candles To Add Romance to Your Day

Candles are an excellent addition to a romantic setting. When looking for the perfect Valentine's Day candles, you can stick with classic scents or find something unique. Maybe you have a vision for the entire setup, or you just want your home to smell different that day. Either way, here are some great ideas for your candle search.

Lover candle by Nomad Noé

Valentine's Day Candles With a Personal Touch

Valentine's Day is a holiday for lovers. To add something personal to your candle selection, consider a candle with a message in the packaging and the scent. For example, the LOVER in Jerusalem candle by Nomad Noé has notes of sandalwood and green fig to remind you of a peaceful experience by the Mediterranean Sea. Fragrances like this bring warmth to the room during the coldest part of the year and can turn your space into a cozy atmosphere.

Valentine's Day Candles for the Aesthetic

The packaging for a candle can be as important as the scent. You want something to match the aesthetic for the evening. Suppose you decide to decorate with the signature red and pink theme of Valentine's Day. Think about what kind of candles you want to incorporate.

What size and color are they? Do you need more to light up a dinner table? Long-stem candles are perfect for the table, but you can do virtually anything with other candles involved.  If you prefer an ambiance with more subtle illumination, tea lights can create a soft glow with minimal fragrance, which is ideal if you are going to use many candles at once.

Valentine's Day Candles To Create a Sweet Aroma

Is this your first time buying a candle to help create a mood? If the answer is yes, maybe you are not overly familiar with the options available. Something simple, delicate, and pretty is perfect for a first-timer. Look for notes of vanilla, roses, and jasmine.

Sweet-scented candles are a little more on the nose and obvious, but that is what also makes them the perfect classic candle for Valentine's Day. A holiday with chocolates and sweet champagne should also include a sweet candle.

Selecting Sweet Scents in Valentine's Day Candles

Flowers can bring in the floral scent for the holiday, and use your candles to add even more sweetness to the romance. If sweet scents are the right direction for you, look for these fragrances in the notes description:

  • Lavender and lemongrass create a fresh, clean, and sweet smell.
  • Sweet flowers, such as roses and golden gardenias, are the perfect kind of natural sweetness.
  • Rosewood and patchouli are known to create a romantic vibe.

Going too sweet can be overpowering and take away from the romance of the scene. Add a woody scent, such as sandalwood or firewood, to create balance. Do not be afraid to mix and match scents as you might with perfume. You can create a personalized smell that will always remind you of that special holiday.

Muse scented candle and rose petals

Valentine's Day Candles To Give as a Gift

Candles are a classic Valentine's Day gift for anyone special in your life. However, it can look impersonal if you do not put in the effort to find something that relates to the person. Gifts on Valentine's Day should say something about the person receiving them and communicate your perception of them. A quality candle with a lovely fragrance says you know what they like and chose that scent specifically for them.

For example, Nomad Noé offers story-infused candles inspired by historical personalities. The POET in Hangzhou smells of jasmine and gardenias and is perfect for the literary lover in your life. You can even find personalized candles with scents and labels you design yourself so you can send a personal message to make an ordinary gift extraordinary.

How To Find Quality Valentine's Day Candles

You may have noticed that not all candles are created equal. Some have obvious differences, such as the look and feel of their containers or the potency of their smell. In addition to what's marketed, also look for the type of wax and fragrances used and the nature of the burn to get a candle of quality for a Valentine's gift.

Signs of High-Quality Candles

Like any other product, the materials used to make a candle and its container can vary significantly in quality. You can typically recognize the difference between a good candle with safe ingredients and one made cheaply. Signs of a high-quality candle include:

  • Clean and safe fragrances: Look for fragrances free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and mineral oils. The best options are vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Strong packaging: Plastic or thin metal candle jars can break easily and may be toxic around a flame. Porcelain, on the other hand, is a top-quality candle jar material. Glass is another potentially good choice, but it can break from the heat once the candle burns lower.
  • Safe candle wax material: Candles made from paraffin wax, also known as petroleum, can release toxic chemicals when burned. Allergic reactions are not uncommon. Look for candles that use soy, coconut, vegetable, or palm wax for a natural, safe burn.
  • Extended burn time: The type of wax used also affects the burn time. A quality candle should have a slow burn, lasting several days with a continuous flame. Paraffin wax candles will burn quickly and produce a significant amount of soot.

Another simple way to vet a candle before you purchase is to read reviews. What do other consumers say about the scent, burn, and container quality? Look for commonalities in their complaints and praises. 

Making the Holiday Special With Valentine's Day Candles

Candles are about creating an atmosphere, and Valentine's Day is a holiday that calls for establishing an ambiance. Before you purchase a candle to set the mood or give as a gift, put some thought into it and follow this brief guide. Your partner will love and appreciate it. For high-quality Valentine's Day candles as well as scents for everyday use, check out the full collection at Nomad Noé.

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