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Why Bisque Porcelain Is Better Than Glass for Candles

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Nothing adds that finishing touch to your spaces quite like a lovely candle. While it is essential to consider the scent and color of the candle, it is equally important to choose a durable and aesthetically pleasing holder. Among your many choices, bisque porcelain is a beautiful candle holder material that offers many advantages. With its unique look, you might find yourself searching for it instead of glass the next time you shop for decor.

What Is Bisque Porcelain?

Ceramics labeled as "bisque" (often called bisqueware) are distinguished from other kinds of earthenware based on how they are made. The main difference between this kind of porcelain and the regular kind is the finish applied to it before firing. The standard variety has a glaze applied to it, while bisque does not. Any ceramic labeled as such is a final product without the second firing with glaze.

As a result, bisque porcelain has a matte texture, making it more earthy and rustic than its glazed counterpart. Crucially, porcelain becomes non-porous when fired only once, meaning there is no risk that it will absorb anything you put inside it.

Why Is Bisque Porcelain Better Than Glass for Candles?

In addition to porcelain, glass is a common material for candle holders. Despite some similarities, there are significant differences between these two materials and the advantages they offer. Since it is common to find candles sold in both materials, why choose one over the other? We prefer porcelain bisque for its excellent durability, unique appearance, and high heat resistance.


One of the main advantages of using bisqueware for your candles is its high durability. Depending on the thickness of your holder, a bisque jar will often be  more resilient than the glass jars that candles typically come in. As a result, glass tends to be less resistant to chipping and other damage from daily wear and tear. This is an essential factor to consider, especially if you want to reuse the container. 


Bisque porcelain adds a touch of elegance to your spaces due to its distinctive texture and appearance. It can add variety to your decor, especially if you already have glassware on your table. Porcelain is usually white, although quality jars often have an accent color, making them easy to pair with your current color scheme. Additionally, glass jars or candle holders tend to be transparent or translucent, while bisque is less transparent and disperses light more warmly. 

Heat Resistance

In addition to aesthetic differences, ceramic containers (including porcelain) have a higher heat resistance than clear glass. Depending on the thickness of your holders, bisqueware is generally easier to carry without the risk of burning your hands. The candle holder itself will also hold up better to the high temperatures of flame, heat, and pooling wax.

Shop for Bisque Porcelain Candle Holders

Now that you know about the advantages of bisque porcelain candle holders, you can shop for the perfect one to match your decor. Check out our inspired selection of candles in reusable porcelain jars at Nomad Noé.,so%20popular%20over%20the%20years.

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