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Our Top Selling Woodsy Candle Scents

Dreamer scented candle by Nomad Noé wood

Burning candles in your living room, bedroom or place of business is an effective way to create a certain mood or aura. Various scents can have a remarkable impact on the human body and mind. Some scents are invigorating and inspire positive action, while others are soothing and facilitate deep relaxation. Some can even trigger memories and feelings from the past that you didn’t even know you had forgotten about. Among the many other families of fragrances out there, woodsy candle scents have a unique appeal.

The Appeal of Woodsy Candle Scents

Woodsy fragrances are very grounding, soothing and restorative. While some scents can overstimulate the mind and body, woodsy candles are good at invoking a feeling of balance and calmness.

Another great thing about woodsy or earthy candle scents is that they are universally appealing. Most people tend to appreciate these types of scents, regardless of their age or gender. If you want to make sure your living room or office appeal to the highest number of visitors, you can’t go wrong with woodsy candle scents.

These types of scents are also perfect for rooms where you work out, stretch or meditate. Their soft, clean aroma makes them perfect for these types of areas, which is why you tend to smell them in spas as well.

Our Most Popular Woodsy Candle Scents

At Nomad Noé, our candles are designed to tell a story and take you on a journey. Our wood-scented candles are particularly effective for this purpose and can elevate your mind and mood. Here are a few of our most popular woodsy scents.

Dreamer in London Scented Candle

Cedarwood Vanilla

Cedarwood vanilla is the quintessential scent combination. The warm, earthy aroma of cedarwood combined with the dreamy scent of vanilla is a match made in heaven. Pack your bags, because you’re going to travel to a realm of aromatic bliss as soon as you light this candle.

Rosa Woodsii Sandalwood

If you are the type of person who literally stops to smell the roses on your evening walks, you’ll love the combination of rosa woodsii and sandalwood. It’s a highly immersive scent that will immediately help you feel more grounded and inspired. Magnolia, peony, tangerine and baie rose make up the top notes, while the musky scent of sandalwood and amber make up the base notes.

Get the Ideal Woodsy Candle Scents for Your Home

There may be no other fragrances quite as transcendent and restorative as earthy wood scents. If the idea of strolling through a forest and taking in all the incredible aromas makes you feel happy, you can give yourself the next best thing. Purchase woodsy candle scents and burn them indoors anytime you need to boost your mood and elevate your consciousness. Shop for your favorite candle scent combinations today.

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