Discover the Nomads

DREAMER in London - Cedarwood & Vanilla
Aida Overton Walker
1880 - 1914
The essence of a DREAMER in London.  As an American vaudeville performer, Aida pushed the boundaries towards equality and refused to play into stereotypes.  The Harlem-raised artist brought unique authenticity to her performances and served to strengthen ties between differing groups.  An invitation to perform for King Edward VII catapulted her as an international icon.

A performance of daring intrigue, the DREAMER propels the hopes of many and unifies the beating of hearts.  The sweet twist of violet taps in unison with vanilla as an evocative blend of leather-bound books and cedarwood look on in anticipation. The warmth of bohemian tobacco sweetens the tongue and the curtains rise, revealing your dream in palpable form.  

POET in Hangzhou - Bamboo & Tuberose
Qiu Jin
1875 - 1907
The essence of a POET in Hangzhou. A valiant hero driven by a thirst for knowledge, Qiu Jin defies prevailing societal norms by leaving her home, unbinding her feet, and pursuing an education abroad in Japan.  Upon her return, Qiu Jin serves as a revolutionary in support of the liberation of Chinese women, embedding a lasting legacy into the consciousness of her people. 

Ruminate on a path of delicate gardenia and unwavering bamboo, as the mysteries of Hangzhou unfold between ancient temples and night-blooming tuberose.  Walk alongside its placid lakes as they bring into focus a reflection of what is in this very moment, and of what can be.

PIONEER in Tasmania - Sea Salt & Coconut 
James Holman
1786 - 1857
The essence of a PIONEER in Tasmania.  An intrepid explorer with no regard for limitations or borders, James became the first blind person to circumnavigate the globe.  Without any sense of sight, James learned to feel his way around the world, perceiving the seas and lands he connected through his other senses.  Beloved by people everywhere, his achievements and fearlessness became virtues of inspiration for those he met.
Inhale the crisp sea air of Tasmania. Taste the salt-glistened breeze as it dances off the coast with warm coconuts that lay between untouched fields of prickly roses and the resinous cypress.  Perhaps a long journey has ended yet the magic of another is inkling to begin.  Consider the new horizon and set your course for it.
REBEL in Bahia - Neroli & Incense
Maria Quitéria
1792 - 1853
The essence of a REBEL in Salvador de Bahia. In her effort to secure her people’s independence, Maria enlists in the Brazilian army by disguising as a man. Her talents are exceptional as is her will and bravery.  Eventually outed, she is still promoted due to unrivalled skills, bringing peace to her people and love for Brazil.

Maria takes us through the gardens of Bahia, rich in white flowers. Neroli is lifted by the sparkle of mandarin and magnolia. Seductive blossoms of jasmine and lily hypnotise and deepen, with a trail of incense smoke from Candomblé rituals. A REBEL who nods to tradition.

VISIONARY in Esfahan - Saffron & Rose
1571 - 1629
The essence of a VISIONARY in the Persian capital of Esfahan. Crowned by history as Shahanshah, or “the King of kings,” Shah Abbas I forges an empire through diplomacy, tolerance and the offerings of freedom to all its inhabitants.  A new capital is born matching the grandeur of his vision.  The city of Esfahan becomes the most beautiful in the known world and serves as the cultural crossroads that lead to a golden age of art and trade. 
Shahanshah invites us into the glamour of the royal courts of Esfahan. A melange of mysterious woods kindles a fragrant incense as the golden shimmer of saffron gilds the famed Esfahan rose. The long lace of vetiver weaves the dreams of one man into the essence of the collective.

Envisioning brought to life.