How To Stay Calm and Relaxed in Quarantine

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Trying to maintain the perfect work-life balance is something that very few of us have been able to master. We all have our own set of daily stressors like commuting to work, meeting deadlines, turning off work mode, and figuring out how to enter family mode. 

Now throw in the stress of an entire pandemic…

It’s safe to say that we could all use some tips on staying sane while we make it through this uncertain time. 

Nomad Noe Candle in BedroomCreate a Sanctuary

Funny enough, we’re probably all regretting those times where we wished for a few days off or canceled our plans just to stay home! 

Spending all of our time inside our homes sounds relaxing, but in reality, it might not feel the way we always thought it would. Have you noticed that you’ve been feeling more stressed while working from home?

Well, take a moment to look around your space. Ask yourself how it makes you feel.

The last thing we need right now is an anxiety-inducing home. Today, we’re showing you how to stay calm and relaxed in quarantine by creating your own sanctuary!

Nomad Noe Scented Candle in Living Room


Let’s start by talking about the power of scent. Our sense of smell is closely linked to the parts in our brain that process emotions and memories. Have you ever gotten a whiff of an old perfume and were instantly brought back to a different time in your life?

That’s the power of scent. It can bring you to a different place and remind you of precious memories while inspiring you to create new ones.

Adding scented candles to your space is the perfect way to turn your home into a calming environment. Imagine yourself falling deeper and deeper into the stress of your work. You feel yourself stepping out of your character, saying things you don’t mean. Your family naturally starts to feel this energy shift. 

Sound like your typical day?

It doesn’t have to be. Now picture yourself taking a moment to breathe in the sweet scent of coconut or the uplifting aroma of fresh orange slices.  

Suddenly, you find yourself in a better place. Maybe this place is the beach, or perhaps it’s merely a reminder of leisure in the summertime. Most importantly, it takes you away from those moments of distress. 

Nomad Noe Candle in Bedroom


If you’ve ever walked into a disastrous bedroom, you’re probably already familiar with how your body reacts to clutter. When we see our space piled up with random junk, it almost sends our body into panic mode.

For some, this feeling can be mildly annoying; but for others, it may be so intense that it completely blocks all productivity. This is because a cluttered and disorganized space creates feelings of guilt

We often feel like we’re falling behind in life when our home looks like a tornado just hit. Especially at a time like this, nobody deserves to be feeling this way.

When your home looks like a sanctuary, it will feel like one too. First and foremost, start the decluttering process. Then begin designing your space with beautiful things that bring you a sense of joy and a boost of inspiration. 

Add some artwork that brings you peace, tie in a pop of color, or keep it fairly neutral. 

Whatever serves you best, do just that.

You’d be surprised by what a few scented candles and a little design makeover can do for your home. Not to mention all the benefits that a calming sanctuary can do for your over wellness. 

Ease your mind, release your worries, and, most importantly, try to be present even in moments of despair.


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