Do Candles Expire? Everything You Need To Know

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Do Candles Expire?

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When you are waiting to burn a special candle or saving a candle to give as a gift, you may find yourself wondering "Do candles expire?" Candles do not go bad, but a candle that has been stored for over a year may throw less scent than a newer candle. Find out more about the factors that determine how long scented candles retain fragrances.

When Do Candles Expire?

While candles do not spoil, scents become less potent over time. The composition of candle wax and the quality of the fragrance both factor into candle shelf life. Most candles remain scented for over a year.

The signature blend of soy and coconut wax in Nomad Noé candles locks in distinctive scents and burns clean for 60 hours. Luxury fragrance oils crafted in France without animal ingredients, parabens, sulfates, phthalates or mineral oils are safe and have prominent cold and hot throws.

Packaging also factors into scent retention.  Nomad Noé candles feature translucent, reusable porcelain candle jars with accent lids and recyclable outer boxes. Store candles with lids on to preserve potency.

How Can You Tell a Candle Has Expired?

You can answer the question "Do candles expire?" by smelling a scented candle prior to burning to assess the cold throw of the candle. Light the wick and reassess the strength of the scent after several minutes to determine the hot throw. A candle that releases the intended scent strength has not expired.

Candles that are stored properly can retain scents for 12 to 18 months, though fragrances usually start to diminish after a year. Once you open and light a candle, the shelf life is less than 12 months.

Candles made of natural vegetable waxes can degrade faster than paraffin wax candles but are considered safer to burn. Store Nomad Noé candles with the caps on for the longest shelf life.

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Do Candles Expire When Sealed?

A candle that you keep sealed can stay scented for over a year. The shelf life of a candle that has been opened, and particularly a lit candle, is shorter. If you plan to burn a candle later, store the sealed candle in a temperate location out of direct sunlight.

For the most potent scent, you should burn or warm soy and coconut wax candles within a year. Over time, the oils that impart fragrances to wax can turn and start to smell different than the original blend. Savor the cedarwood and vanilla notes of DREAMER in London or the bamboo and tuberose notes of POET in Hangzhou sooner rather than later for the intended experience.

Why Do Candles Expire Over Time?

Many people who ask "Do candles expire?" have stored at least one candle for over a year. Aside from the duration of storage, excessive exposure to sunlight or high temperatures can cause natural wax to degrade and scents to diminish more quickly. Check out Nomad Noé scented candles with lids. When you store one of our candles with its lid on in a temperate location out of direct light, its fragrance should last for at least one year.

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