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Candle Care: How To Make Your Candles Last Longer

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Raise your hand if you thought all you had to do was light the candle wick and then blow it out? Well, you’re not the only one.

We know not everyone geeks out over candles as much as we do, but we bet that just about everyone wishes they’d last forever. While we can’t promise forever, we can share a few of our best care tips so that you can get the most out of your candles and enjoy the ambiance for a little while longer!


The First Burn

The first time you light your candle, make sure you let it burn for at least two to three hours. Luckily, this shouldn’t be too hard to do since it’s the first time you’re experiencing your new scent.

Burn the candle long enough so that the wax on the surface becomes a liquid and reaches the sides of the vessel. It’s a simple yet important tip to ensure an even burn and extend your candles’ life.

Trimming and Maintaining the Wick

If you’ve been burning your candles without trimming the wick, you’ve probably noticed the flame getting larger the more you burn your candle. To keep the flame under control, regularly trim the wick to about ¼ - ⅛ of an inch or 3-6 mm. We recommend using a wick trimmer as opposed to scissors to avoid a mess or damaging the wick. 

Right after you extinguish your candle, make sure the wick is in an upright and centered position before the wax has a chance to reharden.

Storing Your Candles

If you’re saving your candles for another season, always place them in a cool, dry, and dark place to keep the wax from melting. This is especially important if you live in warmer climates or if you’re storing your candles for a longer period.

Be sure to keep the porcelain lid secured to the candles vessel, which will protect the wax and keep the surface away from any dust.

candle vessels welcome plants

Repurpose Your Candle Vessels

We spent months planning and designing our vessels so that we could give your home a touch of modernism and a pop of color. Of course, our candles are best known for their delicious scents, but we also pride ourselves in a beautiful design to complement any space!

We love turning our vessels into plant pots, vanity holders, or simply as a decoration for the living room bookshelf.


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