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The Nomad Noé Story

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At Nomad Noé, each one of our candles tells it’s own story. We thought, maybe it’s about time that we do the same and share a story of our own! The story of how we got here. Basically, we exist because of two dreams; to experience the world and to share the stories that were heard along the way. 

Nomad Noe Scente Candles

Founders Behind The Brand

Before we get into all of that, meet our founders: Corentin and Arash, who combined their travel diaries into one brand that aims to bring people together. It wasn’t until settling into the NoMad district of NYC back in 2017 that we really came to life, but the idea had been brewing for years. 

Beyond just their travels, the brand has been heavily influenced by the experiences they’ve had while living in other countries for the first 35+ years of their lives. Corentin spent time living as a full-time nomad, working for luxury perfume companies all around the world. Hence, where our passion for fragrance stems from! Arash, originally from Iran, lived in Austria for a year before moving to NYC. Once they both found themselves living in the heart of Manhattan, that’s when the brand became more than just a vision. 

Together, Corentin and Arash combined their love for storytelling, fragrance, and craftsmanship to bring to you, Nomad Noé, a candle brand that’s truly like no other. 

Scented Candle Dreamer

Our Dream

What makes us different? Well, their one dream has always been to bring people together. 

That’s why every part of the candle embodies years of travel, forgotten stories of transformative figures, and a whole lot of love from the perfume capital of the world.

If you didn’t know already, each candle tells a story about a historical figure. When you light your candle, we want you to feel inspired by the story that it represents. That’s how we bring a little bit of magic from across the globe into your home. 

Our dream was to combine modern design with the perfect fragrance, so we knew we had to do it right. We couldn’t settle for just any glass jar. Once you light your candle, take a look at how it glows. It’s made from the most delicate, translucent bisque porcelain that lets the light shine through. The pop of color on our lids adds a touch of modernism, yet still, lets the flame steal the show. When we mentioned that our candles represent the perfume capital of the world, what we meant is that our fragrances are crafted in Grasse, France. We work with master perfumers who help bring us the utmost unique scent made without all the bad stuff like parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, and more.

pop color lid by Nomad Noe

Vegan and Plant-Based Candles

Now’s probably a good time to mention that our candles are 100% vegan! Creating a completely cruelty-free and plant-based candle line was important to Corentin and Arash because they’re committed to living with compassion as vegans themselves. Our candles are clean and non-toxic, made from a blend of coconut and apricot waxes. With Nomad Noé, our candles will never come at the expense of animals or our environment.

We believe that nothing brings more tranquility into someone’s home than a lit candle and an aroma that fills their space. After all, “Noé” in french is the Babylonian Nukhu, meaning peace and rest. With that being said, we hope that our candles find a place in your home to bring you endless moments of peace and serenity.

The Nomad Noé Team

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